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Why learn a musical instrument when there’s so much going on already in young people’s busy lives ?

Because playing an instrument entails much more than developing technique, note reading, rhythm and pitch control...as if these weren’t enough alone. 

Music is a collaborative art  Musical collaborations at school - concerts & shows - form a crucial part of growing up and will create many precious memories for years to come.

The initial steps when learning a musical instrument are crucial and need to be guided by an expert, so let us inspire your young performers to realise their full musical potential.

As professional musicians who regularly play in the region’s most prestigious performance spaces, our teachers bring first hand practical expertise and a wealth of teaching experience to their lessons.  Whilst musicians always strive for excellence we also believe in the importance of sharing with our students the wider values of respect, tolerance and the celebration of the multicultural world in which we live.  Music is an international language that knows no frontiers and brings people of all nations, cultures and beliefs together.