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Some helpful hints for pupils & parents on making pratice at home a happy experience...

Parents should encourage their children to play to them, you don’t have to be a musician to appreciate a confident performance.  The more parents can be involved in home practice the faster progress will be

Keep your instrument to hand  -  instrument cases are great for moving about town but at home leave the instrument set up, somewhere safe but accessible

Invest in a music stand - it makes practice much more pleasurable and means you don’t have to search around for your music book each time you play

When practicing, warm up with something easy to get you into the swing, then start with the tricky passages and new tunes, leaving your favourite songs till last..

Try to establish 3 or 4 regular practice slots of 20 minutes or me each week.  That way there are no arguments, pratice becomes part of the weekly routine

Don’t forget to play through your previous tunes to keep your repertoire growing

Play in front of a mirror or ask a family member to record you on their phone - there’s nothing like listening to and watching yourself play to pick up on things that could be improved

Use the backing tracks provided with your music books, put them on your iPad or iPod etc. so you don’t have to bother with the CD each time you practise.  Playing with tracks is great FUN and keeps you in the groove

Play with friends whenever you can, music is about sharing, communicating & collaborating...and listening to others too

Learn how to tune your instrument, there are so many online videos and apps available.  Playing on an out of tune instrument is not good for your self esteem